For Patients

Am I allowed to travel with my medical cannabis?

You can only travel within Canada. If you travel outside of Canada you are subject to that location’s local laws and regulations. When travelling with medical marijuana you must ensure that it is in it’s original packaging and that you have your ID card on you.

Can I drive after using medical cannabis?

NO. The highway traffic act states clearly that you cannot operate a vehicle while under the influence. Medical Marijuana consumption is considered to have the affect of making someone “under the influence”. Therefor, you MUST practice safety in regards to always be driving sober.’

Can I grow my own cannabis?

You can apply for a doctor issued medical license to grow cannabis. For yourself, or to designate someone to grow on your behalf, a personal production application or designated grower application can be  submitted by mail to Health Canada for approval. Health Canada processes the application and, if approved, will issue a grow license to either the patient or the designated grower.

Can I purchase edibles from a Licensed Producer?

The short answer is NO.

However if you are interested in learning how to make your own edibles please contact us!

Can I use medical cannabis at work?

Generally this practice would leave the patient in a state referred to as “under the influence”. Therefor this is not a generally accepted practice.

However, this is ultimately up to your employer and determined on a case by case basis.

More places are allowing the use reported in 2018.

How do I use medical cannabis if I do not smoke?

The recommended way to use cannabis is with a vaporizer however more are transitioning to edibles. We can provide you with information on how to obtain the best vaporizers for your needs and share with you on safe dosing strategies.

Cannabis oil is also another option when considering the use of medical cannabis as it can be edible.

How long does this process take?

This process begins for International Medical Consulting once your application is complete and submitted to us via FAX or Email.

We average a 7 day processing time from beginning to end.

How much does medical cannabis cost per gram from a Licensed Producer?

At an average here at International Medical Consulting we have experienced prices ranging from $4-$12/gram.

The great news is many Licensed Producers offer a compassionate pricing program for their clients if that is something you require. Don’t be afraid to inquire! If you don’t ask they may not ask.

How often will I need to see the health care practitioner to keep my prescription?

Typically doctors will write a medical cannabis prescription for a year at a time. However, this is always evaluated on a case by case basis for each patient.

Is there ANY FEE associated with using International Medical Consulting’s service to obtain a medical document?


Our Digital membership cost is 79.99+tax and our Care+ membership cost is $149.99+tax.

What if I am unhappy with my medication?

Each Licensed Producer will have their own process and policies on returns or exchanges.
You will need to speak with your Licensed Producer directly if/when you are unhappy with any medication you have received.

What is a Licensed Producer or LP?

A LP or formally known as a Licensed Producer is basically the supplier of your pharmaceutical need.

They are unique in product selections, customer service, and offerings,pricing,strain selection and more.

Here at International Medical Consulting we recommend MedReleaf.

What is considered to be “Supporting Medical Documentation”?


  1. A letter of diagnosis from a doctor for personal purposes  (even from a Walk-In Clinic.)
  2. Documents from your medical file that state your Medical Condition E.G. Radiology Report.                                                                                              (As a Canadian you have the right to obtain your medical file, it may cost you a few dollars, but it is your right.)
  1. A list of prescriptions from the pharmacist for the last 6 months.                                                                                                                                          (Go to your pharmacy, provide photo ID, ask for a free prescription history.)
  2. A statement of disability from the Government as long as it states your disability, if applicable.
  3. WSIB documentation confirming your diagnosis.
  4. Doctor Patient Referal Form.
Will Veterans Affairs really cover the costs of my medical cannabis?

YES. We have actually found that veterans affairs will cover most of the costs associated with medical cannabis use including the cost of vaporizers. Simply contact us and we can with the forms required by veterans affairs Canada.