Medical Licensing

International Medical Consulting helps Canadians interested in obtaining a medical cannabis prescription every step of the way. From guiding you through our application process to helping you choose the right Licensed Producer we are here to assist you in any way possible. If you are interested in learning more about our services please register below and we will follow up with you as soon as we can to get the process underway.

As the regulations are currently set in Canada, there are three methods of legally accessing prescribed cannabis: buying from a licensed producer, applying to grow your own, or applying to have someone grow it for you.

Any doctor can write a prescription for medical cannabis to their patients if they believe it would be an effective treatment method for the symptoms the patient is experiencing, but this is not the only way to obtain a medical prescription. If a patient receives a confirmation of diagnosis for a medical condition which cannabis can be prescribed to treat, the patient can take the confirmation document to one of many clinics which specializes in the applications of cannabis in medical treatment to obtain a prescription.

Once a prescription has been obtained, the patient can send the prescription document to a licensed producer along with the producers client registration forms and the licensed producer registers the client to complete the process. Once this has been done, the patient may purchase cannabis from the licensed producer up to the maximum allowed by the patient’s prescription.

To apply for a license to grow medical cannabis for yourself, or to designate someone to grow on your behalf, a personal production application or designated grower application is submitted by mail to Health Canada for approval. Health Canada processes the application and, if approved, will issue a grow license to either the patient or the designated grower.