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Welcome to Canna Clinic Medicinal Society
Vancouver’s Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary

NEWS: New location open at 1812 W. 4th ave!

Canna Clinic is a non-profit organization aiming to help Canadian patients obtain medical cannabis. We are committed to providing high quality medical marijuana to all of our members (patients), no matter where they are located. Although our store-front locations are only in Vancouver at the moment, we reach many patients across Canada with our mail delivery service.

Becoming a Canna Clinic member is FREE, as long as you meet Health Canada’s qualifications and complete our membership process. Get started by filling out the online application.

Our staff is professionally trained to help all Canna Clinic members with their medical needs. Whether it be helping you choose the best cannabis strain for your illness or simply educating you on the benefits of medical marijuana, we are all well-informed, super-friendly and always willing to help you out.

We are aware of the negative health effects of using medical marijuana, and have tons of smoke-free “meddible” products. We also have vaporizing equipment that can administer medical cannabis through the form of hash, extracts, oils, butters and even herbs.