About Us

 * * * Important Update * * *


Cannaclinic 758 East Broadway is  CLOSED due to a recent fire in the building


 The E.Hastings – Cannaclinic (2347 E.Hastings Street) is now open  


At Cannaclinic, we’re passionate about making sure the latest research and treatments in cannabinoid medicine gets to you sooner. We want qualified  members to receive safe, easy access to cannabis medicine and get education on the therapeutic effects of marijuana. We actively work to minimize the environmental impact of our business by minimizing our paper waste and consumables, and supplying as much organic product as we can.


Cannaclinic staff receive ongoing education in cannabinoid medicine. We employ an in-house scientist with membership to the International Cannabinoid Research Society and the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids. Our science-based approach ensures we provide the best possible care and education to our members, while ensuring access to the superior quality therapeutic cannabis best suited for a specific condition.


When you visit any of our Cannaclinics, you can expect a completely professional, confidential and supportive experience. In addition to to our excellent customer service, we also offer:

  • Safe, simple access to superior quality cannabis products for qualified members in a welcoming, comfortable environment.
  • Social events to allow members to connect with each other through sports, yoga and music.
  • Innovative therapies: Therapeutic massage with pain-reducing cannabis-based topical products
  • Literature reviews to relate cannabinoid research available to our members and the public  in a newsletter and blog available on our website (coming soon)
  • Science-based information for  our members, health care professionals (including veterinarians), policy-makers and the public.

Since 2011, Cannaclinic has grown from one small location to four full service dispensaries. Our expert staff and health care  professionals are  here to help you reduce pain, heal your mind and body, and support your health holistically. To find out more, visit one of our locations in Vancouver.